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ANA-LA-RAI is coming to the Netherlands !


4 days intensive on June 19-20-21-22

Last year Ana-La-Rai was for the first time in the Netherlands and she gave a workshop of 3 days in Yoena to a international company of participants. There were participants  from Berlin, Russia, London en the Netherlands.

It were 3 magicals days and we ‘bath’ourselves in the beaming light of what she carries within her and shares with others,

We enjoyed so very much our co-creating with this workshop that already at the end we were making plans for a second visit in 2019.

At the beginning of this year all the practical issues came together and Ana-La-Rai, Yolanda and me are able to offer you again this beautiful workshop.

And this year even with 1 more day!

Feel yourself welcome during this four days of Light!

Els (owner Yoena)

Who is Ana-La-Rai?

Hi, I am Ana-La-Rai. Canada is my home.

I am a Universal Channel. For many years I have passed on messages – both in word as through frequencies – of a large group of various Light Beings from the 7th dimension or from the higher realms.

I receive messages of Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings from the Realm of the Angels. They bring us these messages to support us in raising our own frequencies as well as to support raising the frequency of mankind and Mother Earth.

This year will be my first trip to The Netherlands and I am looking forward to share the messages and insights these Masters, Angelic Beings and other Beings of Light with you.

At the end of June Ana-La-Rai visits Europe and in Italy and the Nentherlands she gives workshops, teachings and private sessions

During these workshops and sessions, Ana-La-Rai, famous intenarional teacher, healer and channel will help you to reaise your vibrations.

You can find more information about Ana-La-Rai on her website: :Sparkles of Love

Content of the workshop June 19 - 22 2019 

* Live channeling and guided meditations with several Lightbeings, Angels and Ascendent Maesters

* Meeting with a new personal guide

* Hands-on Healing by Ana-La-Rai

* Expand your own Love potential

* 33 originals codes

* Midsummernight Meditation

* And much more......

Monday June 24th and Tuesday 25 th it is possible to receive a privat session with Ana-La-Rai for a reading or a healing

Practical Information: 


Wednesday evening June 19th from 7.30-9.30 PM 

Thursday 20th till Saturday 22th: 9.30 AM till 4.30 PM 

Contribution workshop: € 385,- (EUR 385)

Cost of workshop  includes:

Tea, coffee and some small bites


Bring your own lunch, plenty of opportunities in the immediate surroundings to fetch lunch

and/or to go to a shop to buy sandwiches


English, if required real-time translation will be provided

Location workshop:

Yoena, Centrum voor Spirituele Ontdekkingen

Phoenixstraat 66 (Building named Delftstede),

room 202 (second floor),

2611 AM Delft


How to get there:

Public Transport:

– Train: Delft Centraal Station; plus a 10 minute walk

Delft has  a direct connection by train to the Airport Schiphol Amsterdam.

It takes 45 minutes to get from the Airport Schiphol  trainstation to Delft Central trainstation

– Tram: from  Den Haag CS/Leidschendam tram line 1 and 19

By car:

– Parking: Garage Phoenixstraat en Garage Prinsenhof

(walk towards the mill, the building Delftstede is just 100m before the mill on your right)

Stay overnight:

Delft is a well know tourist city so there are a lot of hotels, B&B, AirBnB and even a camping for the adventures among us.

Private Sessions:

There is also the possibility to book private sessions with Ana-La-Rai for

Monday June 24ht or Tuesday June 25th (between 9 AM and 5 PM)

Privat sessions are at Oude Delft 19


30 minutes € 60 (60 Euro)

60 minutes € 120 (120 Euro)


30 minutes € 90 (90 Euro)

60 minutes € 150 (150 Euro)

Are you interested to join her, please send an email to:

Additional questions:

Please call one of the Dutch organizers

Yolande van der Weerd: 0031 (0)6-21558256

Els Brouwer: 0031-(0)6-19452804 (




Do you want to meet Ana-La-Rai and her energy?

Join us at her special Midsummernight Meditation! 

Sign in here.

Contribution: €20,- cash (20 Euro)

Location: Yoena, Spirtual Centre in Delft or by good weather on a loutdoor location

Pictures of Ana-La-Rai in Yoena in July 2018



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